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Some people don't think about aesthetics when it comes to garage doors, but choosing the right door in the Menards Garage doors collection can have a big impact on the complete look of your home. With its relatively big surface a garage door should be chosen wisely. But it's not only looks that matter, the type of door is also crucial. Do you want a roll-up door, a fold-up door or a classic fold-open type of garage door? And will manual opening/closing do, or do you need this to be automatic by remote?

Security should also play an important role in this choice; you want your car and valuable equipment kept safely behind locked doors, without having to worry about burglars.

With convenient located do-it-yourself stores across the Midwest Menards can supply Menards garage doors to a broad range of clients, the home improvement enthusiast as well as the professional builders and contractors. Being family-operated and owned, Menards is focused on a high level of quality and service. Making sure your garage door lasts for ages.

Menards Garage Doors are available in different types:

Sectional garage door:
These doors are based on wide, low panels that are hinged together and glide up and down through a track on each side of the door and along the ceiling. To ease the opening and closing, the door is often equipped with a set of springs

Single Panel door:
As the name already tells, these doors are made from a single panel which swings up and above on rails mounted on each side of the door and along the ceiling. Whilst being a simple and straightforward design, the mechanics of opening and closing this kind of door does need some space in front of, and behind the door, making it less convenient to use for short driveways and cramped garages.

Carriage house door:
Used for centuries on carriage houses, these doors give your garage a classy and authentic look. These doors consist of two vertically hinged panels which open to both sides. These doors require a fair amount of space in front of them, and are a little more complicated to be opened automatically.

Roller doors:
Not used very often for domestic use are roller doors, these consist of a corrugated metal/fiberglass sheet, rolled around a big drum hanging above the garage opening. This drum is often equipped with a spring to act as a counter-balance. This solution saves quite some space and is often used in the well-known storage facilities. They are harder to insulate and thus maybe not the best idea to use on your home garage.

Remote opening:
Most modern cars can be factory-equipped with a remote garage door openers, these openers can be programmed with you own garage door opener to allow you to open your garage door whilst still sitting in your vehicle, and then safely close it behind you without the hassle to close the garage door behind you. Not only very convenient, also very safe since you don't have to exit your car until you are safely parked in your closed garage.

As you can see, when it comes to Menards Garage doors, there are plenty of possibilities.

Update March 11th


Recently i've read a lot of questions about insulation, since a garage door is quite an investment, ordering and placing a new one isn't always an option. It is actually quite easy to insulate your garage door. Just make sure your door isn't a "roller door", and the inside of the panel(s) has at least 1" clearing in the inside when moving. To insulate, simply glue a piece of styrofoam to the inside of each door panel, making sure that they don't friction when the pieces move in an angle. Also check if your glue is suitable for styrofoam, you don't want the board of styrofoam turn into a pudle of molten plastics because the glue is too agressive :)

Also consider replacing the door panels, you'd be amazed to find there are still aftermarket doorpanels available, pre-insulated which fit the rails of your garage door.
Let me know if you have any questions about this topic.

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